Self-defense for women - Strong is beautiful!

30/03/2017 20:41

By Eva-Lotta Lisander


 Women are very much mistaken when they think that they should take nothing in order to protect themselves but flourishing a restraining order, or waiting for a miracle that men themselves about changes or a slap on the wrist away. They will not. After all, almost everyone grows up in a family where the mother is weak, the strong is the father and ruled the family.


 No glory to be weak and certainly not honourable. Especially since everyone is able to train itself on some level. Staying weak and potentional victim is a decision of women. Expecting men socialized under the spell of violence, to respect, to estimate the women because of their weakness, subordination, is nonsense and is too far from equality, emancipation. We should not proceed in this direction, because this is the worst possible direction. Equality does not mean that creating a women's football team in addition to the men's soccer team for the weaker, poorer, worse and laughing matter women ("You run like a girl, so you hit like a girl ..."). True equality means that women and men are fighting on the same team and reinforce each other. However, this requires a major attitude change because it will never be realized in today's society based on gender discrimination.


Einstein: "You cannot solve a problem with the way of thinking that created it”.


A lot of violence against women in all forms, and only grows by the number of mankind growing. You might think the developing a scientific and technical level of human society, it is also culturally - we are also progressing in thinking mode. Unfortunately, this is not true by accident, but rather the reverse occurs. Despite using a smart phone in Syria or Kurdistan by an Muslim ignorant men, it will not change his opinion of his own role and the role of women, their place in society. In fact, as it is well observed by Muslim immigrants's behaviour in Europe, technical, social, and any developments only oil on the fire. States with a religion and social organization based on the opression of and objectifying women do not want to give up their “superior" male roles and lose "inferior" female servants and tangible properties, rather at any cost - literally - they want to prevent the development in this area. A girl was killed by her brothers with the forty stabs with a knife in the meaning of "honour killing" because she dared to call a wish prompt in the radio to ask a song, and it "brought shame on the family." I mean that she informed the world of her existence, did not kept it secret as being feminine is shame and infamy, and if that's not enough, she had also needs, desires when it is a mortal sin for women, because only men can have needs, desires. The men - the "great and powerful" men and the "owners" of women - want to have all the good and privileges themselves, even smartphone or plasma TV use, driving, surfing and so that, what women do not deserve it, because are "worse”. For example, in India, women were forbidden to use a cell phone, saying cell phones incite them to 'immoral lifestyle'. Why is then men immoral way of life adopted, they can do anything which cannot be immoral, because they are men, gods, and why men decides about women's life, fate and why it accepts by women with volunteers and singing, has been an another topic. There are many societies argue to this day, and even here in Europe is a lot of uneducated people think the same way that women are only half developed opposed to men (they're full of people), therefore, "women are worse, weaker, mentally retarded", they should be ashamed of and therefore must be their fates, their lives into the hands of men.

Many people are indignant up when the media are informed about violence against women, but somewhere deep inside is accepted, waves their hands that is the course of life, as it should be, immutable, because women still remain weak (it is born), men are strong, clever, brave. Without exception, of course. No one is doing anything to this view, the meaning of this belief, that is not so, how should do that reinstated the "original states". With restraining orders and slap on the wrist, and poor women should not be hurted "education" (because women are weaker, ie worse) are trying to impress something that human society's stupidity brought about and maintained who knows how long? Probably until it is worth it to be "superior" and women's owners, and rulers of the world. Forced the useless phrases, then marveled at the inefficiency of it, while with these measures the men's, women's brains are washed that yes, women are weak, beatable, rapeable and it depends on the men solely that women become or not victimized. Women even accidentally cannot intervene in it, are completely at the mercy of men. So every female between the ages of 6 and 80 just to go quietly down the street without being abusive in some way, because the men had just decided to not abuse them - if they are lucky. If not, heading to the hospital or the cemetery.


 First, we should part with this false belief and this percepcion based on the gender discrimination, prejudices and stereotypes, which is not easy. And if no one does for it, we never will, women will have to pose only in the role of domestic servants-all even in the space era. By the division of labour based on gender discrimination, the highly restricted and limited gender roles we split the single human race and created the so-called "female" and "male" species who have virtually nothing to do with each other, just live next to each other and live under the parent relationship. The “women's race” subordinated to men is only and exclusively in the world to serve and to fulfill the “male species's”comfort. In the marriage "a woman should serve her husband in bed and at table" - all about the marriage, which is a business contract. The "should serve husband in all fields" provides the basis for the right to authorize men to beat and rape their wives at home anytime, it does not count as unlawful, since they are married, the wife of the marriage-consensual knew what to take. And since then everyone - including most of all women, even in the “civilized” Europe - adopted all over the world to this day that in the marriage that's the"women's fate", the fact that the husband can hit, beat, rape wife, whenever he likes. A lot of older woman talk with outrage younger feminine relative or neighbour out of divorce to this day when considering a divorce against her husband because of the continuous violence by "Did you go mad? My husband has been beaten me for 50 years, too, my mum also had beaten by my dad, so what? This is “woman's fate”, but at least you have your master and called Mrs!Everyone accepts the thesis that men are the women's rulers, commanders, owners, that's why men decide about the fate of women.


 The rape is based on this thesis. Women are sex toys, aids for men. The woman - as a concept interpreted semantically - the subject of sexuality, not a participant or beneficiary of it, (the financial compensation does not belong here). Since women are in the world for men's liking and comfort, removing the burden of carrying out of degrading dirty works for men of their shoulder standing in the background, that's just their role. They must serve men once they are together, and on street corners, a mass of women in brothels are also ready to meet the men for money as a sexual aid. After that, why anyone says not understanding why men think that they can do anything with women with impunity? Since they see at home their father forcing sex with their mother violently after two bottles of beer, who is protesting somewhat, but then bored, resignedly, surrended with the conviction of "this is the fate of women" gets up off the bed with and continue to serve her master in the kitchen; brings him a another beer without having to make a complaint against her husband, reporting him for rape and assault. The question is how the authorities would take it seriously since the majority of police officers is a man who may be able to do the same thing at home with their wives. Precisely for this reason it is legally possible to men that with knife, gun prosecute their wives leaving them for half the country, panting for revenge - because how the property dared to leave, not having the right - and the police, the authorities laughing arms folded watching all along, saying they cannot do anything, but if the wife was killed.


The very first step should be to bring the law to not only be able to take action after the abuse, but the case of verbal threats, too, and in the event also has verbal threats or domestic violence NOT the abused woman should be taken out of the home and sent it to the other end of the world, to a small village, in the mother's home that her husband does not find her and slew her, while the abusive husband can stay in his home and laughing up his sleeve, or perhaps only separated by 30 days, and then he can walk home with laughter and everything is repeated, with the difference that he learns in the prison how to beat someone that is not visible and cannot make a complaint and a medical report about it.


The solution to violence against women is by no means a restraining order or "slap on the wrist should not hurt the poor", because it is just oil on the fire. Especially not least because if a woman let herself be beaten for years, nor really would ask a restraining order. The husband is not going to be afraid of his wife, but also of the authorities, bodyguards, the woman's brother or anybody else, she remains the same property object in his eyes, who is weak and does not have to be afraid of her. In this case, the men await the right moment, when she will be alone and will attack even more angry, even violently. Men socialized and growing up in the sample of violent bahaviour are not stopped by a paper or a bodyguard, as a lion won't be stopped when a person enters his cage with an officially stamped paper in hand writing in it that lion is prohibited to eat humans. Such men can only stop if there met his match in her, if he may be the looser in the battle. Therefore, however, we should be taken. Both physically and mentally. First, the roots need to subvert everything in mind what we have learned so far about men and about women. For example:


 - women and men belong to the same human race, the same representatives of the human race, and not two separate species


        - not racial differences in gender differences - both genders have a gene pool of the human race, otherwise they would   not be able to reproduce with each other

  • gender differences between the sexes are genetically minimal, just visible like a lot, huge, because the girls and boys receive a different education, nutrition and values

  • No one is born as a woman or man (but female and male humans), but we become men and women due to gender-based education, which begins at the moment of birth (eg. a blanket of pink for girls, blue for boys)

  • the woman and the man invented by society and defined roles strongly influence people's right to self-determination, which is beginning from birth, and we can fulfill it by servant spirit because we do not want to stick out of line, and even insist on it with tooth and nail 

  • all the individuals of each species are born biologically and genetically be equal 

  • girls' different education and nutrition form boys create the future of "differences" between the two genders, but can be eliminated, changed, but we need to do for it - starting with the fact that boys and girls should receive the same nutrition and education in all aspects of life, should play with the same toys, given the same set of values, and so on


 One of the best solution would also be if the girls in the context of primary education, between 6-14 years of age could participate in self-defense course, at least once a week, where they would be given spiritual gain in addition to physical gain and could learn human dignity and equality, if the teacher of self-defense would underline all the time that nobody has the right to hurt other people for no reason, and no one has the right to touch them in any way if they do not want it. The most important as it should be emphasized that a girl-woman's physical safety should not depend on the men at all! In all cases of abuse of women, they have the right and duty to defend themselves, without waiting for the defense of another man (a potential abuser). It would also be advisable for the girls and boys if they would participate in the gymnastics classes together, where the same tasks would receive, they train each other and it wouldn't be a "light" practice for the crippled girls, because in the streets not 160 cm tall girls would attack girls. Also, it should be planted deep in girls's head, because their father beat their mother at home who can not do anything about it, chuck it for granted, not at all natural, and even crime and unacceptable! It is a crime in which women participate. But it can and should be done about it!


"Once you are beaten, you are a victim. If you are beaten a second time, you are accomplice "


Paul Coelho: “When you repeat a mistake, it is not a mistake anymore: it is a decision”


Viability of a species - that is, how long to stay there, when it extincts - depends on the ability of individuals of life, that is to say that individuals are born with genes which, the ability of getting and keeping food, shelter, how to protect themselves and, where appropriate, their cubs from the enemy, and how successfully reproduce and transfer their knowledge to descendants. This also applies to each individual, the feminine and the masculine specimens. A tiger or a bear "mother" teaches the same to the female and male cubs, which she knows well, to wit how to hunt and defend themselves when necessary, makes no difference but even could not. If the females were weaker, right after died, they leave the parental nest and the species would extinct. Such species are doomed to destruction and unviable. It is therefore inconceivable that evolution had created a mutant species in the guise of the human race, where half of the race (the females, women) are not able to defend themselves, are unable to protect their offsprings, not able to get themselves food, however, the other half of the race (the masculine, men) are not able to chew their food on their own, are not able to care for their offsprings, and are incapable kept clean themselves and their environment. It would be nonsense and we would already have become extinct as an "evolutionary dead end".


It is incomprehensible that women and men, people why continue to think and cling stubbornly to the fact that women are born inferior, which, moreover, is so very unchangeable, it is from eternity and forever will be so. This is not true! It is an inability to distinguish male babies and female infants, only much later encounter the sex characteristics depending on how they are brought up, fed. Furthermore, the same number of muscle mass is programmed to the genes of women as men's (see section on the profitability of the above species); and since we get our genes in 50% of mother, 50% of father, which are inherited randomly, in fact, everyone is half woman and half man. The 90% of the phenotypic differences - stress - due to the differential rearing and eating. Who is not fed enough protein ("you get only half a slice of meat daughter, and your brother two slices because he is boy, he needs to eat!"), sitting at home in the kitchen, the room, combing her doll and not moving enough, will remain low and weak, God forbid physically and mentally underdeveloped. Not accidentally law prohibits vegetarian parents to feed their children only food plant for 18 years, otherwise they do very wrong to their own children for a lifetime! Unfortunately, in many countries around the world girls still do not receive adequate quality and quantity of food, because they are “only girls”, and many ignorant people attribute to the future physical retardation created as a result of it that "because women are born that way."


 Not only men must change on, but the women, too, if they want to stop violence against women! Moreover, they need first, because it's up to them to accept the role of the poor, weak, crippled victims or not. Furthermore, it is also up to them to educate their daughters to also weak, victimized, men's plaything, or enroll them at the age of 6 into a self-defense course. Simply incomprehensible to me that the mothers in a row impede the ability of the daughters to become physically and mentally strong human being who is not at the mercy of men. This does not excuse the fact that they are also that and know just this kind of life. It depends exclusively on the women to get together with a man who has seen them only a subordinate servant, anytime beatable property objects. And it is up to them instead of going to a barber, beautician, doing shopping and being a fashion monkey rather to go to the gym of tuning, and to physically and mentally hardened themselves continuously to have a chance of survival and victory in case of any attack, and not to automatically become victimized that can only get away with the violence, if another man happens to be there and "protect" her. As I mentioned at the beginning, not the glory and honour to be weak - as it involves only the contempt, prejudice, stereotypes, less pay, less prestige and the fact that in Hungary, a woman dies every week as a result of domestic violence. That's all we produce, mankind has achieved this much with the gender discrimination. Everyone would be on her way to strengthen, educate oneself in self-defense, but would have to change our way of thinking as well. Instead of dieting, shopping and becoming sex symbol and mainly INSTEAD of serving the husband and kids all day, it could be training, even at home, and many people could do to make use of the help of professionals. Nobody has forbidden to perform fifty push-ups a day, for example. How many athletes won Olympic Games launched a puny, sickly as a child, who has not predicted a long life? This in turn should actually be done, cannot expect miracles from someone else. And in it the media does not help, rather hindrances with the constant advertising weight loss, diet, fashion, make-up, hair dye by "being a woman is good" motto, especially not the lot of silly photo models, porn actresses who may be able to get a lot of money, but only confirmed the men that women are objects in all areas.


The most amazing and most cryable argument against compensation the female body strong and muscled is to NOT NICE! So, a strong, healthy woman with the ability to defend oneself is UGLY! Why? Men, women both mixed say boo if they see a photograph of a woman bodybuilder, whose muscles are well developed, and does not represent a potential victim. "It's not feminine, not pretty, not a woman should look like t hat!". If not, how do! Anorexia-like, short-like, sickly-like? Starved to death forty-kilo body-like with soccer ball-sized silicone breasts, over-madeup face, over-dyed hair and duck mouth filled with silicone? Because this is the good for men? Because their sexual stimulation passes by the sight of a strong, healthy women, which comes with only a sight of a weak, subordinate sex object? "A woman has to struggle not because it is not feminine" - say others and the the formers. Why? What is feminine? A human wreck lying on the ground, screaming for help and ashaming, humiliating begging for her life? Why should we be feminine while someone just wants to beat or rape us? Why cannot we be this time only people who are trying to defend themselves? All this clearly shows that the role of woman worth less than a man, only a servant, a sexual object who is just created to meet the needs of men.


 In summary, women have to stay weak and become potential victims throughout their lives because men likes the weak, obedient, physically inferior women. Men were brought up by his ideal woman, they feel men and superior next to them and are excited by just an anorexic, having silicone breasts and anytime beatable, rapeable woman. Horrendous. What kind of man and personality is who only big and strong when standing next to a weaker, worse woman in everything? And why do women accept this? In fact, not only accepted, but not regretting the time and money they can do everything possible to be a madeup faced, dressed in sexy clothes, living blow up dolls who are available and playable, useable by the mercy of men. But why do we have to do everything to meet their needs, their likings, why is that the most important in the world above all? Where are the women's needs? Why should we put the men's sexual desires forward highly the physical integrity of women's ability to self-defense?


 We should become humans again instead of men and woman. It would be needed an unified human race again, where the half of humanity is about 3 and a half billion people, should not be mercy at men physically and mentally, financially and existentially which is because men got physical, financial, existential superiority by only their education, especially these days when the ISIS threatens to occupy Europe and "all European women will be sold to sex slaves". Mind you softly to a conservative estimate that 3 million women and children are annually sold in the sex slavery today, including many European or American women who have been kidnapped from the street or cheated by false job advertisements and end up in an Arab country in a harem, and never released. Not to mention the unruly prostitutes who were also sold into slavery to a harem as a punishment and there to die, to spend the rest of their lives because no one is looking for them, but no one can rescue these women from there. Police seldom ring the bell of Arab billionaire sheikhs to raid.


 ISIS think this very seriously, why not even think, has not joked so far and yet 1.7 billion Muslim people believe that all women in the world are the property of men. And women will allow here in Europe, as is allowed in Islamic countries, they will not confront, not fight with men, they will cry and wait for the help of men, who either can and want to protect them or not.

If we do not do something urgently, the human race will be over soonly, but before the earthly hell due to women.

Why do you want to wait for THIS???? pulled her by her hair across the floor