By Eva-Lotta Lisander

You are NOT born a WOMAN.

You are NOT born a mother.

You are NOT born a domestic maid.

You are NOT born a nurse.

You are NOT born a server of men.

You are NOT born a victim of men.

You are NOT born subordinate.

ALL this TAUGHT you from the moment of your birth.

DO NOT believe all the nonsense.

You are born a HUMAN with free will and autonomy.


About me

      I am just a girl. A simple girl like you and a HUMAN BEING first of all.

      I am just a girl who had enough of unjustice, discrimination around myself every day, for example: "Ask a man to do this!" and something like this...

      One day I felt so I had to do something against discrimination for my and all the women's sake. Since nobody wants to listen to me or they just laugh at me and my thoughts about emancipation saying " Oh, just get used to that, you can do nothing against that!"

     Can we really do nothing against discrimination? Should not we try to do something yet?

     I think so I may do something by this website, maybe I can reach those people by this website who are interested in victims of sexual discrimination, stopping sexual discrimination and maybe they would like to do something against that indeed!