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Millions of women around the world die because of the sex discrimination which resulted by unsciencific nonsense of uneducated men.



We are all born equal genetically, therefore we should NOT have to fight for emancipation (it is given), but against those people who do not want to take notice of emancipation and reject the equality!!! They should be punished in the same way as the holocaust deniers! All of them are assassins against unified humanity. We do NOT have to ask for equality, but also to take it back. Men are NOT the bosses of women, NOT the masters and commanders of every woman, so we do NOT need to ask their permission to be equal! Gender equality should NOT depend on the will and decision of men! Men are NOT gods! Women should  NOT keep proving to be equal (the weak, less must prove)! Men SHOULD demonstrate that women do not belong to the HUMAN RACE! If you ask and prove, you'll only prove that men are really over you!


The existence of the two genders, which serves the purpuse of reproduction by making it possible for genes to exchange 100% between two individuals, does NOT mean racial differences!!! There is NO "female race" and "male race". Both of them belong to the same human race.

Gender equality does NOT mean that for example there are separate men's football team and women's football team (for the worst, weak females) but means that women and men play in the SAME football team together!




This website has come into being for raising a monument to the memory of MOSAMMET HENA, a 14-year-old girl from Bangladesh, who has whipped to death just because her cousin had raped her!!!!

         Unfortunately, this memory cannot help her already...Her life has taken away by men in a system of disrespectful, opressive of women. She died in horrible tortures for being raped. But, maybe other girls...

Mosammet Hena, 14-y-old girl, Bangladesh

         Millions of women has been falling victim to the gender discrimination day by day. The simpliest manifestations of gender discrimination are the much lower salary for the same work what men do, the  lack of promotion, etc...The most serious one is death punishment for looking at a strange man or for making a phone call to ask a song from a radio channel...Honour killing - when your own FATHER or BROTHER takes your life by stabbing you forty times!!!

  Let us STOP violence, the sexual-gender DISCRIMINATION!!!

        This is all up to US how long we let the gender discrimination go, how long we let men to decide about our lives, deaths, fates!!! The first step would be to open women's eyes up about their lives, since the most of women do not even know that they live in slavery. For most of women it is natural to be second rate, not being allowed to do what they want to do, not being allowed to do the same what men do.

        There are many organizations for women in the whole world (for example SOFEDEC in Congo) to help fight against the gender discrimination, yet they cannot be enough effectual, because there are many obstacles, difficulties in front of them which are made by women themselves often!

       So, we really should do something! But we can change the world only if all the women to unite and want the same..

       Click on the "VICTIMS" to see some of the victims of our unjust world! And try to imagine HOW MANY MORE VICTIMS of gender discrimination can be in the whole world...



  - Presence of Rape I.

  - Presence of Rape II

   - Presence of Rape III.

  - Presence of Rape IV.


 - Benefits of being Working Mums

  - OpenColleges:Programs closing Gender Gap

 - Saudi man killed daughter for using Facebook

  - Saudi Arabia launches Its first Girls Council - without girls!

 - Saudi Women can drive, but are still slaves

 - This Saudi sheik killed daughter and wife for driving car that day when driving ban lifted

 - Audi:“What do I tell my daughter?...That her dad is worth more than their mom?”

- Women globally falling victim to the pension pay gap

- Female genital mutilation (FGM)

- Further mutilation that women must suffer: unforgivable attacks 

 - The Female Unemployment rate is due to...Or how men STEAL time and money from women legally and how women do not notice it! #


- The woman, who has not received a Nobel Prize, because of being female. ROSALIND FRANKLIN:photo51

- The ENEMY of female human beings: Turkey president Erdogan: Women are not equal to men (to wit, they are not HUMANS but men are)

- Afghan mother Reza Gul kills 25 Taliban militants after watching them kill her son:This armed campaign organized by the women has become the symbol of resistance.

- Even the FEMALE ANIMALS are not safe from sexual discrimination! -Indonesia: Man Claims Cow Seduced Him for Sex -- The COW was killed

- al-Zawra: Internet campaign was launched to highlight the ROLE of WOMEN in the everyday life of jihadist: Learn how to sew: “You are going to sew the clothes of Allah’s soldiers. Go to your mother and ask her to teach you about the sewing machine.”Learn how to cook: “Open a Word document and write down quick recipes for cooking. Open the Internet and copy recipes from it. You are going to cook for Allah’s soldiers.

- IRAN in the 1970' years...when women were free yet.

- TEXAS WOMAN MARRIES HERSELF - the sad result of the different gender "roles" and brainwashing

- Dad is a HERO, Mum just does the job: We take for granted that the household and raising children is the woman's job, dad "JUST HELPS OUT". Let’s change how we talk about dads and childcare!!!

 - "The document, titled 'Women in the Islamic State', demands women live a completely 'sedentary' lifestyle and that their role in life should be primarily to remain 'hidden and veiled' and at the service of men, who are described as their masters." (but women just will be 'hidden and veiled' until ISIS invents the "making invisible" then every woman'll disappear off the Earth) : THE SCHOOLGIRL JIHADI BRIDES: THREE GIRLS from one British school fly off to join ISIS ----   Brainwashed ISIS terrorist womenThere is NO RETURN! VICTIMS of brainwashing and their own stupidity! What makes a woman to voluntarily become a slave?????? Look at this picture: this is the real "buried alive"!

  - Dozens of women, including about 60 Britons, are known to have travelled to the region to support Isis. Isis: Austrian Teenage Jihadi Bride Samra Kesinovic 'Wants to Return Home. The sad story of 2 mentally ill girls:  Samra Kesinovic, Sabina Selimovic.

 - Men support women's rights in Turkey... by wearing miniskirts: 'My dress is NOT an excuse for your rape or sexual harassment.'-the ÖZGECAN ASLAN-murder.     

- Digital monument of killed women in Turkey.

Rima Karaki, Lebanese TV presenter - Lebanese TV presenter, Rima Karaki stands up to sexist Islamist scholar in live debate (and Shuts him Down After He Says It’s Beneath Him To Be Interviewed By A Woman)

- Salvo SEXIST washing label: "It's her job". Sexist Salvo label: washing is a woman's job

- Women as SEX SLAVES in Eritrean Army, and as forced "children producing machines"

- Monuments for the RAPE VICTIMS of the wars (Gdanks, Glendale).
Rape victims of war monuments, Gdanks, Glendale
Rape victims of war monuments, Glendale

- RAPE, FORCED MARRIAGE, MISSING CHILDHOODS, Boko Haram, Nigeria, Chibok tragedy, 800 000 children has displaced

- Jihad al-nikah: SEXUAL JIHAD which means allowed BRUTAL RAPE. Recruited European girls as the whores of 20-30-100 men of ISIS. 

Jihad al-nikah: sexual jihad

- Man, 65, marries his daughter, 14, and has 2 children with her after wife died -Zimbabwe. The "reason": to take a WOMAN in the family who would take her dead wife's role!!!

 - MUSLIM Conference in FRANCE on "whether wives should be beaten or not". IS THAT WE WANT IN THE CHRISTIAN EUROPE???? /MUSLIM women in Europe deliver their THIRD CHILDREN by the age of 20!!!/

- SAUDI ARABIA: Women get vote, still NOT free

yet free girls from 1972, Kabul1972, Kabul, Afghanistan. These girls are grandmothers today and wear BURQA!


 - ISIS WOMEN kills mother who fed baby in public


 - Bernie Ecclestone: "Women TOO WEAK to Drive Formula 1"

- Are you sure you want to be all-maid like THIS instead of REDEEMING the WORLD?

all-maid domestic servantall-maid domestic servant

 - NADIA MURAD BASEE TAHA, Yazidi ISIS Human Trafficking Survivor, UN ambassador defended by Amal Alamuddin

- When ISLAM(means submission) women attack, abuse, kill other women. So sad.

 - Polish women rebel against abortion law

 - Argentine-women-call-out-MACHISMO - killing women in Argentina

 - Delhi tailor sexually abused 500 girls


Where is the law in these cases?
And what kind of laws work in these cases?
And why does the law NOT protect the justice, the victims, the oppressed people in the 21st century, in our "civilized" world???
And why there may be laws nowadays that oppress other people mere on the basis of their gender?
And why do we still allow men to make statements against women with impunity, in the name of the freedom of expression?

Questionnaire #



YPJ: THE KURDISH FEMINISTS whom ISIS is terrified deadly by

Kurdish female soldiers
Rosie the Riveter, symbol of working womenRosie the Riveter, the symbol of working women 
Skating girls in AfghanistanSkating girls in Afghanistan, Cambodia, South Africa (skateistan.org)Lavar Johnson, wife beaterEx-UFC fighter LAVAR JOHNSON allegedly beat the crap out of his girfriend - bashing her face in with closed fist around a dozen times (TMZ). QUESTIONS: - WHY ARE YOU TOGETHER WITH A "MAN" LIKE THIS, IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE A VICTIM???? WHAT DO YOU """LOVE""" IN HIM??? WHAT OTHER """GOOD QUALITIES""" OVERWRITE HIS AGGRESSIVENESS, MALE CHAUVINISM TO BE WITH HIM???


    A flight is in falling down, passangers are in panic. A WOMAN starts to scream hysterically: - Oh my God! We are all going to die! Someone make me feel a WOMAN last time!". Upon this a MAN takes his shirt off and throws her it, saying: - Here, wash it out!

Ladies! Be careful with what you wish yourselves, because you receive at the end and there will be no turning back!!!! Want to be HUMANS instead of "woman"!


STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL! - Self-defense for women

"WEAK FEMALES" (you can be strong if you want to be and workout. You don't need to become a victim of men only because the "weak woman" is nice and sexy). Being weak is NOT being strong! No glory to be weak, a victim!

VasquezAneta Florczyk, the strongest woman aliveSerena Williams
- INDIA'S FIRST 3 WOMEN FIGHTER PILOTS (otherwise WHY men instead of women decide what they can do???)

The beginning of the gender based brainwashing that leads to gender discrimination (and gender based division of labour) taken natural and born for all!!!!!! #

 "Oh, you are just a girl (not human), you can play only with dolls, the rest is forbidden!!! Do not dare it, because the society will exclude you! You have to play the woman role perfectly and in that only the doll and other womanish toys are permissible!!! Just do not dare to try to use your human mind, abilities and fantasy!"

Do we really want it, people????

    "This is a very important success to me. It was so heartbreaking recently with my daughter bought in Debenhams, because she chosen toys from the boys departments without being aware of it. In part by helping to create the Let Toys Be Toys is that these changes to happen before my daughter learn to read and realize that according to some adults, the spacecraft and the fire truck was not for her for playing "- said one activist, Kerry Brennan.

"Just because I am a girl......so am I not a human?????"

"...she chosen toys from boys departments WITHOUT BEING AWARE OF IT. "  Yes, children under the age of four-five are not aware of the gender discrimination! Girls under the age of four-five are not aware of being officially different, less and inferior than boys, according to the society! Parents, the society will teach them this! Women and men are not born, but become that by the gender based education. And toy shops like this....

And the trend is getting stronger : in some European, "civilized", modern countries have just adopted the EARLY EDUCATION TO GENDER ROLES in kindergartens instead of "neutral". The aim is a completely different way to educate girls that at the age of 6 they should be aware that they are for only cooking, washing, cleaning and child rearing and nothing else, lest their minds to want to do anything else...

 BURQA and FREEDOM??? (article)

The symbols of "freedom and equality" (plus the good, old FGM for women and it's ready the sub-human, half-animal female for serving men obediently).

muslim headgears, slaveness

muslim woman driving licence   Is this SERIOUS???
woman drivers
                            "Woman drivers"  - YOUR MOTHER maybe drives like this but I DO NOT! DO NOT generalize!

Mary Wollstonecraft: "The woman is born equal to men, only because of her education she becomes a weak, uneducated being." NOT a "side rib"!


SUFFRAGETTES protest - Thank to suffragettes women can vote! Churchill protested against it, and after 20 years he became prime minister thanks to female voters!

Augusta Barstow-Hunt - American suffragette


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