Presence of Rape I.

By Eva-Lotta Lisander

Sex is for men – women are only the devices of it.”. Women only sex aids for men, ie, for the masturbating in pair. And while this perception, stereotype prevails in our minds, it will also be rape in the world- especially when women are still not doing anything to their physical integrity, but also expect a solution from others – however, almost all men and women think like somewhere deep in mind, even though they are not aware of this.

Unfortunately, I have to say that the our current society based on sexual discrimination and men and women judged by double standards, men quite rightly believe that men are over women and they can do with them whatever they want; this raised them, girls also behave accordingly. All this will only change when the girls no longer are brought up by their parents and society from the moment of birth to serve men, and the boys no longer are brought up to make women serve them for a lifetime, because women are for that.


     Let us examine the theoretical background of the presence of rape!


    Our current society is patriarchal, that is, law of father / law of male. This means that everyone and everything is owned by men all, and everybody runs under the name / flag of men, all rights and privileges for men. In sociology, this phenomenon is referred to as the role of "rewarded man" because the society almost rewards men because they are male and exist, namely through the full subordination of women, the full service of men by women, and the education of women for a single purpose. In a patriarchal society, women who are subordinate to men are not entitled to any rights; they only have duties. There may be as many rights for women as men order them to keep their property from being disadvantaged by other men's activities. The ultimate duty of women is absolute obedience. Subordinated women who are deprived of their independence are in all respects less and worthless compared to men, so that in some societies there is a real shame to be female, but we are not far from this view, too. There is, for example, the covert deprivation if rights called the “wife's name”. Its purpose is the same as wearing the burqa with the death penalty and the localization of them in the Islamic world - to erase women from the face of the earth as if they did not exist! The existence of women is, in itself, meaningless, worthless, and unnecessary, only as a man's property, in the shadow of a man, as the man's servant gains meaning. Since the invention of gender discrimination, men have done all they can to make the value and importance of females diminish, degrade, eliminate as for what is important to the world, and to strengthen their importance and indispensability only and exclusively to serve the male / family. With good results, because most of the women are proud of being slave, proud of being able to serve men perfectly and ashamed when are said being not a good housewife, poorly saves or cooks. It is hard to imagine sadder than this, but this is the reality. But I have seen countless men robbing a table and screaming, that yes, a woman must prove that she is a real woman by cook, wash, clean and serve the man completely. Here's a real man for whom the real woman is a dirty servant!

But women are not just ashamed if they are not considered good servants, but also their name for centuries. Mrs. John Smith is not a name, but a sign of a status - it means that this woman has an owner named John Smith. It signs the owner character of men, just as cows and horses are branded on with the initial letters of their master (JS), but the cow's name is still Rosie, not that JS. Another example is the well-known TV family the Bundys. That's a lot to say. Al Bundy, Peggy Bundy, Kelly Bundy, Bud Bundy, Bruno Bundy, Dodge Bundy, Mouse Bundy, Dog Bundy, Cat Bundy Stray Dog Bundy and I could still list all the accessories in the house that got the name of head of the family, of the male owner! Only by man's name a woman will be someone. In reality, however, this is how a free, equal-born woman disappears from the world. Are not anyone upset? Of course not. Many ones reading this, even though beat the table that it is okay, this is how it used to be, and even their old mother's old mother was called Mrs. Smith. So what? Shall it be good, fair, shall it be rightful, shall be less degrading and humiliating because of that? Habits can and should be changed because there is nothing in stone, the Earth's rotation will not stop if we leave them. However, we are haunted by their effect and we make no headway, and the majority of women are still ashamed of the name they have received from their parents. The name functions as a unique identifier, a proof of sovereignty and justification. The slaves had not often their names, just their numbers, just like in concentration camps or prisons. Not by accident. One of the major punishments, humiliation is the deprivation of ourselves and our human being by taking away the name. Even in the case of women, this uniqueness and sovereignty has been abolished by men by branding on their own name. It is easier to rule on a woman who does not have identity consciousness, because who does not have identity, there are no needs, and does not even think that she can do something for her, she is frightened of dignity, self-reliance, since if she exists only by a man, then it is enough what she gets from him, what she is going to do alone? What else would she need? The most perfect paradox that men have created in women's awareness of their own identity is the following: an independent, free woman with her own name is "Nobody", and a woman owned by a man, under the name of a man is the "Someone" who can be proud of herself. It is inconceivable that women are ashamed when they are free, independent and not when they are owned by a man! But she who is ashamed of her own name, is ashamed of herself, of her own existence, of her own gender. Anyone who exists only by another man / man does not exist. Think about the fact that why a supposedly equal, adult female person with a name already has to name her again? And why that way that we take her own name / unique identifier away and hang her upon a "serial number / owner registration" as a name?

It is unfortunate that most women are unaware of their own subordinated, suppressed role, at least not consciously. They take completely normal and natural that other people have their lives, men tell them what they can do and what they do not. I am shocked, for example, when I hear somewhere that female soldiers are not allowed to take part in the fighting, they can only play a background role! Who do not let it go? The men! Men who have made this law and no one is upset, no one raises the question of why men decide whether women can fight or not? Why do men decide on the lives and fates of women? Why do they have the right to do so? Who gave them this right - of course, themselves - and why do women all agree?!I have already asked this question a few times and always got the same sexist answer from both men and women: "Women are weaker, they are not fit for melee, they can not physically, psychologically and otherwise the woman's place is in the kitchen and they should give birth until they break into it! ". And women nodate obediently ... and go back to the kitchen. Nobody thinks that this is not true, not this way. No one has said that short, weak-bodied women are to be sent to fight (there are many women with strong physiologists) without any training, as many men are not fit to the military for their state of physical and mental! Note that, for almost fifty years since the Vietnam War, the number of soldiers involved in the Vietnam War still have been struggling with their demons - America is full of veteran hospitals for mentally and physically injured soldiers. But they were born war, or did not they ??? Otherwise, the reality is that men will "not allow" women to the war, because in case of success of women men would be harmed by their male vanity, which they would not bear, nor nobody would serve them, nor nobody would raise their children instead of them. It is easier for men to leave wives at home with ten children than vice versa. Unfortunately, there are counter-examples as well. There is the Eritrean army, where many women are enlisted, too ... as sex slaves! They have to meet the sexual needs of men soldiers, if they do not will be punished, executed.

 There is also the question of the Constitution, which states in most civilized societies that every human is equal regardless of race, gender, age. Well, it could be argued for hours, but the point is that the constitution of most civilized countries give an addition to the aforementioned law, namely the Decree on Women's Rights! Before everyone is in good spirits, think a little bit about what this is all about. It means that every human denomination does NOT apply to females, females do not count as humans, only men are those ones, therefore a special clause is needed for women of different kinds. Are we still claping? This is exactly like when recently in Italy the dogs rights were put in the constitution! Because the “every human equal” can not be applied to them, although there are many mentally ill people want to see dogs human as well. Then there can come cats, spiders, etc. Do not be wrong, I'm not against animal protection, but against the handling animals as humans.

 Now, are we surprised then that men overstabs and overrapes women when all rights are to men? Among other things, it is their rights that they make laws (in the past definitely), to give orders to women, to have the right to decide what women are do and what they do not. In addition, still men are sitting in the legislature mostly today. Since in our sexist, discriminatory and patriarchal society every woman is owned by a man legally, so men are absolutely right to believe that all women are all commonly owned by men, so any man with any woman can do whatever he wants, as women are not more than but talking vaginas / walking vaginas, but decorations around the hole. So why are we surprised by the fact that in every seven minutes a woman is raped somewhere in the world? Still, what do we expect from men? Not to have over their property when women do not count more than a piece of furniture and they often behave like that, too? That men do not treat their property as they want? How can speaking vaginas be equal with men in a sexist, patriarchal society ... without changing the way of thinking and education? Still, how can we expect men to respect the rights of speaking vaginas and housekeepers? What rights? Their right to serve men? Or their right to cooking, washing, cleaning? Their right to 24 hours a day of family care, exclusive childcare? We can relax because women's rights of this kind are fully respected by men. Just look at your husband / partner now who is sitting in front of the TV with beer in his hands that you've brought him while you're in the kitchen and you're screwing it in place instead of him!

Also, this approach is based of blaming the victims on the case of rape, because why did you walked through in mini skirt in front of a man, when you should know that you are just a source of sexually stimulation for men? If you walking the streets at night in cut dress, high heels, in addition to after 10 p.m., do not be surprised if raped, which you do deserve. Because men have a right to do that. But women have no right to pick an outfit they wish, and walk down the street, when they want. Only men have the right to do this, and the criminals, the majority of whom men. Blaming the victim is then displayed when someone mugged on the street at night: why did you go home from work at midnight? Why do you wear the gold wedding ring? And the best of what a police officer or security experts say that if I bring my car out of the garage, it has been my responsibility, ie, my fault if stolen, because why I got it out of the secure garage, why I wanted to sit in and go from the point A to point B? I deserve the punishment for my frivolity.

 This is exactly what happens in the case of rape and in other violent crimes, which the authorities found out so that explains why they are helpless in the fight against crime and criminals. Only you are an innocent victim, if you lock yourself in the basement, and there will be attacked you. Because women deserve to be raped if they drank too much alcohol, if wore cut out clothes and dared to smile at a couple of guy whom they liked. an American rapper said in a statement last year, giving it great indignation that a man having sex with an unconscious woman does not count as rape, because she does not know about it, does not protest against it, and maybe would agree with having sex sober! And since she no protests – bacause she cannot do it - why would it be violence? Now, sew button on it! If this logic is not feminine logic or blond woman logic, then what? He said nothing about that does a having sex with a woman lying in a coma since years, or with a dying woman in the street after an accident count as rape, or ought to tell the other man to come because buckshee sex is in sight?!



It is regrettable that such statements may appear on stupid social networking sites because attracts followers very soon and it takes also such people who have not even thought about the rape this way so far. Unfortunately, it has happened and since then spreading as epidemic of rape of unconscious girls in group and men totally beside themselves and human nature take it for funny, recording it by iphones and uploading on the internet as a getting drunk by men or drugged girl is gang raped for hours laughing, grinning, amused a senseless! In addition, there a lot of sick-minded male watchers of such recordings, hundreds like that, commenting that's great, I love it, and then they try themselves to collective violence. Wether WHAT kind of family THESE PEOPLE can come? What kind of parents grew them up? I am not surprised by Muslim immigrants because muslim women are speaking subjects only, compulsory, religiously but a European man with what kind of system of values finds amusing, glory and funny another man's abuse? Hungarian swimmers' scandalous rapists also said they have just about fun, they wanted to have fun – AT THE EXPENCE OF WOMEN which according to men, is not the case, because if a football ball is to be kicked, kicking ball is not at the expence of the ball, but it only fulfills its function for which it was invented! Women also are for men to mess with them for their liking.

 The judicial practice is permeated with gender discrimination, too. For example, when a male rapes children, women, his punishment will be six years, and two years later released for good behaviour. However, if a pretty young female teacher has sex with a 15-year-old horny boy pupil, who has long since not even a virgin and wants to the sexual act, and even boasts with it, then the teacher gets 15 years, and not released after two years for good behaviour. A senior female judge acquitted the HIV-positive husband infecting his wife and furiously yelled as justification that "you have had five husbands, who knows what you got from some of them?" The wife made a complaint against the female judge, after which she quickly retired, but it can not help the wife. All in all, not only the cut-out dress is prohibited for women, or the night walk, but it is more than one legitimate husband. One has got the fifth husband at the age of 50, is a whore, was looking for trouble herself, and deserves to have an AIDS!

 Let's stay at the approach of looking for trouble herself! University freshman camp. Rape. A 40-year-old male student – has previous convictions for rape - photographed the “storks” (freshmen) in charge of the camp of the party as a photographer, raped a 18-year-old girl at dawn. Majority of men's opinion about the case was the same: "The slut was swinging to and fro until there was no turning back" - wrote with deep conviction more commenters. Oh, yes! They are right! A 18-year-old virgin girl - who then drank alcohol for the first time in her life, and was made to get drunken by the paedophile photographer - just launched happily in the freshman camp that day she would be raped in the night by an older than her father guy. Consider the logic of women of men? In addition the paedophile photographer defended himself saying that this was not the first time, at other times, and others have already done so, in fact, raping of virgin girls in the freshman camps is a common practice, and what is your problem? Because if many people do, then why would it be a sin? Probably the guy still does not understand in his cell now that what wrong did he? The most frightening thing is that the majority of men, and unfortunately women, think that THERE IS a situation where rape is completely normal, natural, and is not at all sin, indeed, it is JUST and LEGAL! And THERE IS a situation where rape is the right, worthy punishment for the disobedient or flirting woman. And the lawfulness of rape in a given situation is solely and exclusively the man decides alone! This concept has nothing to do with it. Until most people think that a sexual act is not only a physical fulfillment of mutual love and attraction but can be done as a punishment, a humiliation, rape will exist until the world is over!