By Eva-Lotta Lisander

     Thus, it may be maimed millions of girl children each year based on inhuman rites, religious fanaticism and blinded by the spirit of moral views. The inhuman rituals to feed the traditions and inherited from generation to generation, is still masses of women become victims of rabid habits as a result.

 Six thousand daily mutilation

   Today, the law prohibits the intervention, but the UNICEF survey showed that despite of it 150 million circumcised women live all over the world, in those regions six thousand girls a day maimed in this way.

Distorted beauty ideal: the lotus feet

       The lotus feet were the epitome of beauty and eroticism in China for long centuries. Today, the Chinese laws prohibit, yet still show up in isolated communities a case.

    The lotus feet actually crippled feet, the terrible pain associated with maiming and girls between five and eight years of age had to endure up to 15 years of age - not to mention the consequences.

    To get the 10-inch or 17-gauge gold lotus feet - leaving the big toe freely - the four toes are often broken stone, with the toenails slashing down under the sole and canvas strips tightly tied up. The bandage was drawn/pulled closer every day, which is not only inhumane pain, but circulatory problems caused, later gangrene, even worse, may have ended in death. If someone married to a lotus foot woman, the less he had to worry about woman potential being unfaithful, since the ligated legged women were unable to travel alone. Accompanied by only a very short distance they could do it, so a significant part of their lives was spent in their homes, with their husbands.

Shoes made ​​in China until 1988

     As a result of the long struggle, the feet maimed was banned in 1911, and in 1949, Mao Zedong also emphasized the freedom of the feet. Lack of demand, the last special women's footwear maker factory closed its doors permanently in 1988.

Giraffe's neck, a sign of beauty

      The giraffe-necked women whose necks flexing with metal circles provide an early age, especially in Thailand and Mainmar - come Padaung Karen ethnic group living in the territory under strain - Burma. The spiral neck wear is connected with many myths disclosure. According to one of them the spiral protect the wearer from the tiger bite, and other legends it is believed the women started to wear it, so they were less attractive in the eyes of the slave traders. However, the most common explanation for this claims just the opposite: the extra-long neck is supposed to be a symbol of beauty and wealth, the wearer can get a better husband than without. In that tradition is still alive today, quite prosaic reasons: to attract tourists to Thailand. The spiral is beginning to wear on the girls before puberty, the number of convoluted circles to the neck increase as the years pass - their weigh up to 4-5 kilograms in adulthood. The heavy metal spiral presses the collar-bone and the upper ribs, due to which the collar-bone seems the part of the long neck. According to tribal custom, the adultery is punished by removing the necklace. During the long years of the wearer's neck muscles completely coiled become weak, thus after the removal of the spiral the woman's entire life will be tied to the bed. 

    A significant number of Padaung refugees living in Thailand only in recent decades because of persecution suffered in Burma. The refugee vulnerability can be exploited by many Thai travel agencies trying to get rich by giraffe-necked women.

Sati, or the modern age Bonfire

    The barbaric custom of sati was formerly mentioned sacred Indian horror stored as a voluntary burning at the stake are now banned, yet there still are examples - already mostly in Bengal, Rajasthan and neighborhood Benares was customary.

    According to the researchers of the Indian way of life, holding women as objects accompanied their husbands to the other side, other researchers only saw the men's jealousy in relation to the stake of wives: to prevent that after the death, the other one to enjoy the companionship of wives. Indoctrinated at a young age into the girl children the national size of the voluntary burning at the stake. The sati meant glory, courage and brought fame to the woman, and the whole family.

by femina.hu

Playmouth in Africa and South-America

         At that time of eighteenth century women of Murzu,Suri tribes (Ethiopia) disguised themselves with a clay plate, so they would not be attractive to slave traders. Nowadays, however, the mouthpiece is a symbol of beauty. The size of the plate also shows how many cows her husband paid for the groom for his fairy. For women with smaller lips, 40, while for women with larger lips, 60 cows may be paid. To insert the plate it needs to remove some teeth, cut the lips and insert a smaller plate. At the age of 15-16 they cut the lower lip, and initially insert smaller pieces of wood into the opening. As time goes by, the plate are getting bigger and bigger. Participation is of course "not mandatory, but - in order to preserve peace - it is strongly recommended". The lower teeth of the little girls are beaten off already at 8 years of age. The plate can be removed, but never in the presence of men, even though they can not talk or eat. Not to mention the ears...A ritual ceremony also applies to men, but they only have to go through an innocuous test: they paint their bodies with plant-based paint.

Breast ironing in Africa

     This is for "protection" of girls. Mothers lower the chest of their daughters, so men do not rape them, they do not get pregnant and can finish the school. In West and Central Africa, teenager girls are scared from the day their breasts will visible. As soon as this happens, a terrible ritual begins: the breast ironing. A female member of the family, usually the mother begins with a flat, hot object, such as a pestle, coconut shells, grinding stones, scabs for the terrible operation. Parents are terrified that their daughters may get pregnant before marriage. However, the family does not think what a devastation the body carries on breast cancer: abscesses, cysts, various infections, and sometimes can cause cancer. Sometimes, after surgery, the breasts will not develop or become asymmetrical after having mutilated the symbol of femininity with hot stones for months.