About GENDERS! #



We need to stop gender discrimination, because:

1) We are all belong to the human race. We are all humans.

2) We are all represent the human race.

3) We all have the gene pool of the human race: we all have brains, hands, foot, eyes, etc.

4) We all inherit the fifty percent of our mother's genes=X and fifty percent of our father's genes=X or Y. So, each     human being is half woman and half man (and all other sexually reproducing species). Is there a sense of the discrimination?

The existence of the two genders, which serves the purpuse of reproduction by making it possible for genes to exchange 100% between two individuals, does NOT means racial differences!!! There is NO "female race" and "male race". Both of them belong to the same human race.

Gender equality does NOT mean that for example there are separate men's football team and women's football team (for the worst, weak females) but means that women and men play in the SAME football team together!

5) We are all capable of performing any activity, in principal, we differ only as individuals. Such as a mathematician, opera singer, painter, cook, handyman, etc.

6) There are NO men and women, only female and male human beings are.

7) "Being a woman" or "being a man" is just a role which is taught us from birth (cultural written). Does NOT mean genetic differences. We get different education from the moment of birth, which means different way of thinking, different lifestyle, different way of life, different tasks and aims. This is why "women" and "men" are different, NOT because "women" are clones and "men" are clones with the same genes. We are NOT clones!!!

8) Women and men are NOT separate species, such as cats and dogs. Only men want make women believe it. The "woman role" - with different way of thinking, different way of life, different tasks, duties, aims - makes a very comfortable and free life for men, because women do the dirty work (clean, cook, wash, child bringing up, etc.) INSTEAD OF MEN in the background, thus, women are no rivalries in work, in power, thus, men can work, create, earn money, have fun and rule the world (and women) themselves and ...INSTEAD OF WOMEN!!! This is called gender-based division of labour: MEN rule the world, women serve men behind!

9) Any difference between "women" and "men" is the result of the society system, the social structure, the different education, the gender-based division of labour and the resulting different way of life, different way of thinking.

10) The "female role" and tasks (cooking, washing, cleaning, bringing up children, serving men) is NOT natural and eternity, but since the beginning of the society.

11) When women are paid only half the amount for the same work than men, it is in fact, the employers and states, countries, goverments LEGALLY STEAL MONEY from them to give the men the working women's salaries, saying, the men have to keep their families! And most of men spend the working women's money on whores, or on sitting-at-home domestic servant wives. In truth, the working women keep the most of prostitutes and sitting-at-home wives!!! Due to the half amount of salary, women feel less than men, they feel they do not really work at all, the man is the breadwinner, and they feel that they owe the men doing housework instead of them because the men earn the more money! So, women work 16 hours a day (job+housework+bringing up children) for half amount of money than men work 8 hours a day for twice as much money. Therefore, mostly women are afflicted by poverty and deeplier affect them. Therefore, most women seek to marry in order to gain keepers because they cannot support themselves from the half amount of salaries.

12) We are all born equal genetically, therefore we should not have to fight for emancipation, but against those who do not want to take notice of emancipation!!! They should be punished in the same way as the holocaust deniers!

13) We should fight to have everyone recognized that such as "women" do not exist on their own but female humans! The name of "woman" and "man" is the gender discrimination itself, the distinction itself between human and human!!! And this distinction has been established to subordinate some people ("women") to other people ("men"), and to express clearly for everyone that female humans are different and worth less than male humans.

14) Remember! We invented the society, the rules, the male and female roles. We can change them at any time, in fact, we have to change it if they do not serve us properly and create unfair differences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15) Nothing will change until everyone (every female and male human beings) gets the same, equal education, the same, equal way of thinking...the way of thinking as a human being, NOT as a woman or a man!!!

16) As Einstein said very well, we cannot solve a problem with the way of thinking that created it. A new kind of thinking, approach is needed. As long as we think about "male and female roles" and women are considered only subspecies of the human race, until then our problems will only multiply.