The Supreme Court just made a historic decision. It ruled that women can be denied a necessary health service — contraception, which is normally paid for by their company health insurance. To put this in perspective, men as an entire sex have NEVER been denied a medical necessity!

           Do you believe that the cost of birth control should be covered by your company health insurance, just like other medications? If so, you’re going to be disappointed and possibly angry that the Supreme Court just ruled in a 5-4 decision – with all of the female justices dissenting — that some corporations don’t have to pay for your birth control coverage, if their owners have religious objections.


Supreme Court On Birth Control: Decision Just Limited The Right To Contraception

            That’s right — certain companies called “closely held” corporations, in which the majority of stock is owned by not more than five people, are allowed to follow their owners’ religious objections to birth control, and NOT pay for their female employees’ birth control.


            Now, guess what — 90 percent of the companies in America fall into this category, so lots of you could be affected. This Supreme Court ruling means that if your company leaders believe that certain types of birth control, like the IUD, can cause very early embryos to stop implanting in your uterus, and that’s against their religious beliefs, then they can refuse to pay for them.


             In other words, top bosses can impose THEIR religious beliefs on you, in a very critical way! Interesting that religious beliefs never seem to affect the reproductive or sexual health of men. The Supreme Court has never had to grapple with the issue of men’s insurance coverage of Viagra or vasectomies. Hmm! Aren’t vasectomies a major form of birth control?