By Daily Mail Reporter


       Fatwas are illegal in Bangladesh, a Muslim-majority nation governed by secular law


       But Islamic clerics often preside over courts that use Sharia law and issue fatwas to deal with issues including extra-marital relationships.


      Such incidents usually occur in remote villages where police are unable to gain quick access.

Sharia law punishment was outlawed by the Bangladeshi High court last but this latest incident is not the first since the prohibition.


      A 40-year-old woman died in December having been caned over an alleged affair with her stepson.


      Meanwhile horrifying footage emerged last week of a couple being stoned to death for alleged adultery in northern Afghanistan.


      The stoning was the first to take place in Afghanistan since the Taliban were ousted from power and occurred in a northern village after two mullahs passed sentence under Sharia law.


      Regional police have said those behind the stoning will be charged after a woman named Siddqa and a married man named Khyyam were executed.