ISIS Extremists To Impregnate Yazidis Women To Destroy Their Blonde DNA


      As if the Yazidis people did not have enough to fear, now over 300 of their women have been kidnapped and ISIS claims they plan on raping & impregnating them to ‘break’ the cycle of blonde children.

      ISIS extremists have vowed to impregnate the 300 Yazidi women they kidnapped in hopes of breaking their bloodlines and removing their Aryan DNA. Not only that, but they also hope to reproduce children with their hostages so that they can insert the Muslim religion into the bloodline as an alternative to slaughtering them all. Horrific.


Kidnapped Yazidi Women To Be Raped & Impregnated By ISIS Extremists

     As the Yazidi community struggles to survive on Mount Sinjar in Iraq, at least 300 women have gone missing — allegedly kidnapped by the ISIS extremists who want to see thee Yazidis completely eradicated.

     The extremists plan to pair up the 30 women with Muslim members of their terrorist groups so that they can be raped and impregnated with Muslim children, reports the Daily Mail.


     For those of you that don’t know, the Yazidi community is mostly an Aryan race that remains isolated from the Muslims in Iraq. Most of them have blonde hair, blue eyes, and they will only marry and have children with other Yazidi people which has kept their Aryan genetics in tact generation after generation.


     ISIS originally planned to slaughter every last member of the Yazidi community solely because they follow a 4,000 year old Persian religion that existed long before Islam took over Iraq. In fact, they are often referred to as “devil worshippers” because of their unusual and non-Muslim beliefs.


    Sadly, the Yazidi people have been stranded on Mount Sinjar because they know that if they go back to their Iraqi homes the ISIS will come for them. While desperately trying to survive on the mountain, reports claim parents are feeding their small children blood so that they don’t starve to death.

    Right now, all of the Yazidi people are hoping and praying to be rescued and removed from the country permanently.


Yazidis Women Kidnapped