By Eva-Lotta Lisander

“Compared to men, in most professions, women make 80 cents to the dollar,” she added. “In Hollywood, we are making 30 cents to the dollar.” - Natalie Portman


The problem of "mother with young children".

1. Just because you work, you have a professional, you WON'T BE A "BAD" MOTHER!!!

2. "GOOD" MOTHER/WIFE does NOT equal to any 24 hours long domestic servant of the family!!!

     Women's unemployment is because there is gender discrimination and gender-based division of labour. The female unemployment rate is due to the household and raising children is not unisex but still women's priority! Why is not there a problem with "father with young kids"? Because we take it for granted that the wife is standing behind the father, who will do all the work instead of the father, so he can concentrate on his work only. The mother works off the eight clock at work, then another eight hours at home instead of her husband while sitting in front of the TV or drinking beer with friends and does nothing. 
     While the chores/bringing up children remains the priority of women as natural, eternity-long female role, nothing will change until then. And the women's high level of education will not change this, because in vain women have university degrees and high skills in a professional, if they stop the work after getting married, giving birth or they always run home to take care of sick children at home and to serve their families and therefore, less time devoted to their work, just because they (and the society) feel so this is their duty, obligatory, priority. This female role is NOT natural and NOT eternity-long! We have invented it! Therefore, employers are reluctant to use them because they know that they will not work at full speed. And therefore there is no real value of women's work, and therefore paid less.
     Women who stopped work after getting married/giving birth do not give anything back to the society from the knowledge.This knowledge and dedication of the money is lost forever.  In addition, most women carry "women's work" (cleaning, cooking, washing, baby sitting) that is poorly paid. Why is that? Because any idiot can do it. The cooking, cleaning, rearing children does not require ability to read, write, count! Hundreds of millions of illiterate, ignorant woman does these jobs for thousands of years.
     Working women have added to their list the job, but the men did not add to their list the chores/upbringing. Remains the sole responsibility of the women and anyone not thinks that this is so unfair! Even women do not. No one comes to mind that housework should be shared, it would have been very time, because it is the natural and eternal detention.
    Also, no one comes to mind that how many things men steal from women by the exclusive women's housework.
    When a working woman spends an average of four hours a day on housework while her husband is watching TV, drinking beer with friends during it, then this time the woman spends with no fun, no relaxing, but the work for free...instead of her husband. This is 1460 hours in a year, which is 61 days in a year! The women spend doing housework/upbringing 61 days a year, while her husband is the time of fun, relaxation completed. That's the time to steal by a husband from his wife in a year, which is 610 days, or almost 2 years of her life to steal over ten years. This much time a working woman spends for not having fun, not relaxing over ten years, and does not get paid a penny for two years of work. And women do not realize this because they believe that it is the natural, it is the duty, priority for women and they owe their husband the work for free, because they earn less than men! Men steal a part of the lives of women (juts to have fun), in which women do not do what they want!!!


It's time to change that! Ladies, just up to you!


    It is NOT the solution to forcing women to work in four hours/part time, to be carried out in time for the "natural, eternity-long female tasks as serving husband and family", even when in full-time they earn less than men! Women are should not to be removed from the labour market, but the men should be forced upon the performance of the home duties as husband and father. We should not put all the burden in the women's neck to do every work instead of men, that men have only to work and to have fun and nothing else, the women to cope with all existing task! This is not equality, not fair. 
   The goal should be to make all women and men equally in the responsibilities, whether it be money earning, doing housework or bringing up children. Equal rate to the point, equal division of every kind of labour and NOT gender-based!!!