This questionnaire is trying to raise awareness that we are primarily HUMANS, but that the majority of people are not aware of. In "men" and "women" are we thinking, not in being "human". Filling the test may help to think clearly and distinguish between "being natural human" and the artificial, learnt "female-male roles".

1. What makes you feel a man / woman?

2. What makes you feel a human?

3. What exactly is the difference between the two for you?

4. In a deserted island, where no other human being is except for you for years, decades, or even for the end of your life, what would you make feel the man / woman? And what would make you feel a human?

5. It would be the difference? And why? Or why not?

6. Define exactly what it means to you to be a woman / man?

7. Define exactly what does it mean to you to be human?