Burqa and freedom?

By Eva-Lotta Lisander

Women in burqa/chador/hijab etc. = shrouded, shameful objects

How could be a woman free and independent if cannot choose her outfit but someone or something else, a book(Koran), a society or men requires, prescribes it? How could be a women free for whom a religion tells what to where and if she does not do that she will be punished yet to even death penalty? How could be free a woman who can not go where she wants, can not do what she wants because laws, customs, regulations regulate every moment of her life? How could be free a woman who should be ashamed of her face, her hair, her skin, and everything belongs to a female, and she needs to wear a mourning cloak through for a lifetime, and the Sun and wind can never touch her skin and hair? In addition, the mourning cloak covering all and the apparently disappearing women suggests that women should be ashamed, women must also be ashamed of having been born into women, and only women who are ashamed and conceal themselves can be "fair, decent", others are dishonest, prostitutes, criminals. In some Islamic countries whose economy is based on tourism and where it is not mandatory for the body to be covered by Islamic women, lately, the phenomenon of "re-Islamization" has been appeared, which causes more and more women to recover their head by shawls and hide themselves. Allegedly as a protest against “immorality”. These women have chosen a very bad way of protest because they have no idea of the truth. If a liberated slave does not like freedom, it is not the solution to becoming a slave again. An alternative to freedom can never be slavery, subordination of women to men.

The alternative to freedom can never be slavery, so you cannot "choose". It's like choosing death instead of life.

The alternative to "free to live" can never be "to live suppressed".

The alternative to "self-determination and independence" can never be the "existence under control of a husband, a father, ferocious male members of society or a religion".

These women think that the all the bikini-clad tourist woman is a prostitute, because they can see they live totally different free lives with men who are not their husbands but boyfriends, and they kissing, dancing, and flirting. Yet no one will be a prostitute doing by these, but this Islamic women do not know it because they have never been free, even though they do not wear burqa, they must marry as virgin and prohibited to contact men. They only confirm that the woman who does not wear any mourning cloak but mini skirt and bikini is an immoral whore and the women as “fully packaged” property of men are only decent, fair.  They protest in a very wrong way because we should not go back to medieval times and ignorance but forward. With this behavior, they entitle men to judge, beat, punish, or even rape any women including non-Islamic women.

Burqa and other covering outfits never can be the sign of freedom anf liberty.

To punish not wearing covering outfits and to oblige wearing covering outfits never can be the sign of freedom and liberty.